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Innovative wood art pet furniture

                                                                          Innovative Wood Art Pet Furniture
The Catgroove pet sofa bed. The Catgroove is an oversized ultra-plush pet bed finely handcrafted from Grade 1 solid teak wood, featuring huge inward space for the lazy and sleepy needs of our cats. This bed also has a removable/washable cushion cover for easy cleaning. The finest finish one can find with such ease, with a comfy, high-loft, milled foam cushion, it boasts durable furniture grade construction. Comfortably fits pets up to 50 lbs. For removable cushion cover only – machine wash cold, cool dryer. Remainder of bed should be spot cleaned with mild detergent.
Dimensions: 18" * 13" * 15".
The inspiration:
After all, our pets give us a lot, from that wagging tail that welcomes us home, to that calm company next to us on the sofa, or that unconditional pet love at every other time and anytime. And the least we can do is to give them something back. And hence we created a special set of innovative wooden furniture designs that will be long lasting and affordable, while fitting in with your existing home furnishings. As someone has said: "Our pets have their own personalities but they have five things in common: they love sleeping, eating, playing and exercising and being close to us.” These behaviors have been the first thing on our minds when designing these products. Designing from a pet's perspective is not easy and Of course designing products for pets rather than humans has its own set of rules and things to consider. It's really important to use the animal’s natural needs and behaviors like how they sleep, eat or play as a starting point. Then we design a product that fits in with our "human needs" such as style and form. The first thing to consider was safety: "Dogs will definitely chew on their toys and bring in dirt from their daily walks. Cats will definitely scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable materials are very important." As well as looking at animal behaviors like eating. "Cats are generally good at regulating how much food they eat, however a number of dog breeds still retain the desire to overeat.
How often when watching your pet do they go for the same toy or blanket and return to a cozy spot to chew or maybe just have nearby as a comfort? While designing our special pet range design process, our focus is that our pet's live with us at home as part of the family — even if they do take the odd shoe or two. This leads the furniture design process to a friendly smelling bed. We encourage owners to fill the beds and cushions with their old clothes, blankets or towels. The idea’s that pets get a comfortable cushion with comfortable, familiar smells too. We love accepting challenges during our design process. Imagine a cat bed that fits perfectly into a shelving unit and a pet sized version of a sofa bed that matches our human sized ones. As an animal lover we are proud and happy to be part of this project. I would love it if it inspired people to spend more quality time with their pets.
Link to buy : https://www.theobjectstore.in/products/petgroove-1?variant=3106744107036
Website : www.theobjectstore.in
Type : Sale
Category : Pets
Publish date : 2017-12-20
Valid : 2018-12-20
Web Site: https://www.theobjectstore.in/
Contact Name : Karan Doshi
Location : Mumbai
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