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Personal vehicle tracking system

The Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was originally used by the military. However, today, it has many uses in the civilian world. One of the main uses is as a personal vehicle tracking system.
A GPS device is installed in the vehicle, capturing and storing information at regular intervals. This information can pertain to fuel and battery status, door open/close, current location of the device etc. An excellent device for personal vehicles is Letstrack plug & play. It is an extended version of basic and plus series and comprises multiple new features. It can be used for tracking both small and large vehicles like cars, buses and tracks. It can be attached to the OBD port under the dashboard and used even when unplugged.
Ensure the security of your vehicles with Letstrack plug & play!

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Type : Sale
Category : Spares
Publish date : 2017-08-09
Valid : 2018-02-05
Price: 5999.00 Rs.
Web Site: http://www.letstrack.in/tracking-devices/car-plug-and-play-vehicle-tracking-device?pid=7
Contact Name : letstrack
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Location : Delhi
Adress : Shadipur
personal vehicle tracking system


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